Learning the language

I'm a PhD student in Arabic literature, and because of my specific subject, islamology as well. So you would think that mastering Arabic is an obvious thing to have among my set of skills. I have never heard of a PhD student in French literature who couldn't speak/write/understand French. Same for about any other language … Continue reading Learning the language


No myth and no legends ?

Yesterday I was minding my own business in a coffee shop, that is, I opened a book and tried to read it. However if people talk loudly right next to me, I first listen to what they say. Either it's boring and then I can actively concentrate on my book (I have a high power … Continue reading No myth and no legends ?

Using Internet for Research

I just recently discovered an interesting blog, talking about digital resources for people like me, the "orientalists", as we called ourselves before Edward Saïd happened. Well, I still call myself this, fully aware of all the Edwardian implications of the word and some irony thrown into it ... Anyway, one of the posts about the … Continue reading Using Internet for Research